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About VRE Marketing

Hello my name is Tim Evans and I am an online video marketing lead generation expert for small business owners.

Domain names for example “” or “” are typically regarded as being Virtual Real Estate. These represent the digital property on which websites are located and thus how we got the name VRE Marketing, short for Virtual Real Estate Marketing.

The majority of today's domain names have become even more of a virtual real estate as each day passes because of the Internet, plus the amount of people online continuously increase.

VRE Marketing was created as an online video marketing services company in 2012. Subsequently our online video marketing business continues to help customers who wish to increase their particular small business with profitable online video marketing methods. The business continues to be successful in advertising and marketing internet videos for customers in a variety of sectors. Market sectors consist of: law, plumbers, electricians, healthcare, accounting, auto, technology, finance, real estate, and a number of other service businesses. VRE Marketing is a professional digital design and marketing company that helps businesses create a distinctive website presence.

Tim Evans

VRE Marketing was established to assist businesses of any size in getting more local leads and ultimately more customers via web based video marketing and online video search engine optimization. Online videos really are a powerful connection resource. Using our cost-effective online video marketing services, online video seo service, YouTube advertising solutions, and online video lead generation services; VRE Marketing helps business owners understand the opportunity of online video media for their business.

VRE Marketing was originally established in 2006 as a search engine optimization and digital media buying company in Denver,Colorado. In 2012 we restructured the company into an local video marketing services company at the request of many of your existing customers who needed more leads and sales online. We developed a highly effective sales lead generation system using online video marketing that ranks highly in the search engines and produces more business for our clients.

We are an independent, young company consisting of ambitious, talented and approachable people. Our goal is very simple - to bring you closer to your sales goals by helping you to get more buyers. If you want more customers call us today at 303-630-9484