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Google My Business Optimization

Posted by in on May 1, 2016

Does your small business appear on the 1st page of Google local maps? 82% of buyers are looking for your services there!

Where Does Your Business Appear in Google Local Maps?

Research has revealed that 96% of all online users won’t search beyond Google’s 1st Page. Customers are utilizing personal computers, laptop computers, tablets as well as smartphones like iPhone and Android phones to locate local small businesses for products and services like those you provide.

Consumers are looking on the Internet and searching for products and services in their particular town or city or possibly in their specific neighborhood. To remain competitive in Google Local Maps, your web-site must be be incredibly targeted on the exact search words which people today are searching for and then in the specific geographical locations in which they are showing an interest in.

Does your Small Business show up on the first-page of Google Local Maps? 82% of potential customers utilize Google to locate information on local products or services.

Any time a potential customer searches on Google for services or products with a local identifier such as a city or town, or even their neighborhood, this is precisely when Google Local Map locations will show up. Where does your business show up?

Google Maps Local Listings

Normally, the Google Local Map will display somewhere between 3 to 7 local places on Google’s 1st Page. Local Map Optimization places your small business directly in front view of consumers searching to buy. It provides your business contact information and actual location along with directions to online users searching for your businesses service or products.

The variables the Google algorithm uses when determining the order of the displayed results is a carefully held Google secret. Also, to ensure the secret factors which decide the position order stay a secret, Google is continuously modifying and varying the search algorithm in order to vary the search results.

Google My Business Optimization Service

Here is where we can help you. Getting your small business ranked and positioned on the Google Local Map and staying there isn’t an easy process, and demands continual maintenance to combat the adjustments in which Google is continuously creating.

Google Maps Optimization has become the most significant thing to occur within the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Marketing Industry. Local search has completely changed the way small business owners may reach its local market place and local consumers.

We have developed a strong understanding of exactly how the Google Maps algorithm operates as well as the aspects that are utilized to establish search rankings of the Local Business Listings. Additionally, we now have a number of techniques which will help provide you with a very competitive edge in your local area.

VRE Marketing can help your small business with the Google My Business process. If your business does not have a Google My Business page then we can create one for you and give it a boost in the Google Maps Rankings.

If you are interested in learning about our Google My Business Service please call 303-630-9484 or use this online contact us form to request a 100% free consultation.